Current Events, and I made a GIF

First, a quick note about some upcoming events that may be of interest:

Passive house construction guru Terry Nordbye, a key member of team Gimpy Dog, is speaking about innovative air sealing techniques at the October 25 meeting of Passive House California. It should be really interesting and we’re looking forward to going – more details are here.

Andy and I are also excited to be attending a permaculture design course through Daily Acts starting in November.  The topics covered mesh nicely with the kinds of improvements we want to make here at the ranch.  I think there are still spots open, more details here.

In news at the ranch, Andy has completed removing the ivy and the fence from around the back of the house. It’s been a ton of work, especially because Andy has been preparing the materials to be properly recycled, so he has pulled all of the metal bits – staples, screws, nails, what have you – out of the wood.  Removing the ivy, and the fence, is really going to help us get a feel for the property without preconceived ideas, and think more broadly about how we want to landscape it.

I created my first GIF ever, using some shots I’ve taken for time-lapse purposes here at the ranch, which showcase the changes that Andy’s made.


Here’s what was left of the fence after Andy got done with it.


And here’s all the metal bits.

PA140003That bowl of nails is very, very heavy…but not as heavy as the truckload that Andy brought to the recycle yard containing the wood demolition so far (fence and barn).  This truckload was 480 lbs!


Go Andy!!

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