Why Gimpy Dog?

The most frequently asked question around here is why we’re calling our place the Gimpy Dog Ranch when we don’t even have a dog.

The first time we came to look at what would later become our house, we noticed that there was a dog door at the top of a couple of steps, and that a ramp was placed in front.  We assumed there must be a dog living there who needed some help getting up the stairs, and so the moniker was born.


The Namesake, with Ramp

Later, we were able to meet the dog – her name is Miley, a 16 year old sweetheart.  It took her a while to get from point A to point B, but if you were in one place for long enough, she would always come over to say hello. This property was home to many well loved dogs and it does seem a bit lonely without them.

A side note: Although the Gimpy Dog Ranch was clearly my favorite place, my favorite name of a place that we looked at was the “29 Fruit Trees House”, which I still find really funny (the first bullet point on the open house hand-out had the fruit tree count listed), but our destiny was at Gimpy Dog Ranch and not 29 Fruit Trees House.