About the Project

This blog will chronicle the remodel and retrofit of our standard 60s-70s rancher into a passive house, making it efficient, sustainable, and environmentally sound. We plan to implement solar thermal and power systems as well as rainwater capture for laundry and flushing, and greywater for landscaping. Our goal is to have a house which is comfortable, healthy, and low cost to operate over time, ideally net zero energy.  We are currently planning to seek both LEED and Passive House US (PHIUS) certification.

The property itself is almost an acre, and consists of a 2500 sq ft house, a large outbuilding that we refer to as “the barn”, and includes several live oaks, black oaks, other various trees, considerable ivy and blackberries, and a seasonal creek. It also includes a large amount of paving and roadway, which we would like to return to a more natural state.

We’ll also be documenting our experience living through this process, and taking plenty of pictures as we go along.