Stairs and a Deck

Thanks to Andy’s handiwork, we now have a solid set of stairs and a deck at the entrance to the trailer.  This is a huge improvement in our day to day life, as we figured it was only a matter of time until someone tripped and fell on their way out.

These are the steps that come with the trailer:

You can imagine that trying to climb the steps, open the door, and keep cats from escaping – especially while holding a bag or package  – would be quite challenging.

Here’s our new setup:

P8160154Now we have a nice deck area, and a solid set of stairs – including a grate for the top step to stop us from tracking so much grit and grime into the trailer.

Here’s a photo progression of the project:

We’re proud to note that almost all of the materials that were used for this project came from the deconstruction of various shelving and other items from the barn.   I especially love the wood that Andy used for the deck – has beautiful markings and has aged really nicely:


This is the deck! Its beautiful.

Thank you Andy!

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