Requiem For A Gimpy Dog

Hey. How ya doin’? Been a while….

I suppose I’d like to begin with an apology, as it has been a very long time since our last project update. However, you’ll all be glad, I’m sure, to hear that the Ranch has been relocated and is now living with friends at a beautiful farm upstate, where it can chase rabbits and play in the fields and be happy all the time…


Oh, okay, you got me. That’s a complete lie. Continue reading

The Blower Door Test

There are certain things that one takes for granted in life, and for me, one of those things has been paying PG&E for the gas and electricity it takes to keep our house warm in the winter, and presently, to keep the trailer cool here in the heat of the north bay summer.

One of my favorite things is turning up the thermostat when its cold out, but I never really thought about it beyond anticipating how great that burst of warmth is going to feel.  I didn’t wonder about why it was necessary in the first place – it just seemed like a fact of life that if it was cold out, it would get cold inside, and if it was hot out, it would get hot inside. Continue reading